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Kenneth Coat Barong (Pre Order)

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Product Description

The barong tagalog is considered to be an heirloom in old traditional Filipino families because of the delicate and tediously tailored top that is usually lavished with embroidery.

Why wait to pass on your barong tagalog to your son when he can have his own barong that matches yours?

This iconic national men’s attire is popularly worn in formal gathers and celebrations.

The best way to celebrate events like weddings and Australian Citizenship ceremony is together with your family and upholding the roots of your culture.

Nothing says family togetherness and tightly knit bonds with matching barongs made of the finest jusilin fibers, lined with soft cotton for ultimate comfort.

Material: Jusilyn with triple soft cotton lining - manually dyed to achieve a unique pattern and color

Style: Mandarin Collar | Coat Design

Embroidery: Vertical tribal embroidery