WELCOME to Barong at Bestida Australia!

Bespoke and Custom Made Orders


Bespoke and Custom Contract

Congratulations on choosing a garment from Barong at Bestida Australia. We look forward to

collaborating with you in creating your unique Filipiniana dress / Barong Tagalog.

Before the official process begins, please read the contract below carefully.

The Process

1. The Initial Consultation

Meeting with BBA consultant for one hour will begin the process. This consultation is free and we start

with a discussion of your wishes and preferences for your garment. You will need

to bring any ideas and inspirations you love, either from our original designs or from Pinterest. We will begin the

collaboration process to create the most beautiful and unique garment just for you.

We will guide you to the most flattering designs to suit your style, present fabric options, provide embroidery samples and explain the process of making a custom design orders.

2. Design Consultation

The time involved to create your custom design garment is between 8-10 weeks for Barong Tagalog and 10-14 weeks for Filipiniana Dress/Gowns, depending on the complexity.

Bookings within this time frame are preferred. If orders are outside this time-frame, an additional

fee will be charged. $50 per garment.

The design meeting is charged at $50 (per garment) and is paid at the time of booking, this fee will be deducted from the final payment.

At this meeting we will collect all the details for your dream garment, listing all its components,

fabrics and embellishments. Once the design and fabrics/embellishments is agreed upon,

we will take your exact measurements and will make all the necessary notes to begin the first draft

of the custom design order.

Once the client agrees with all the summarized details, a 50% deposit is required before materials are ordered, and the excitement begins.

If you change your mind after this point, the deposit is non-refundable.

If the wedding date changes, the timeline will need to be negotiated on a case by case basis.


Week 1-2: After all the details has been finalised and the deposit for the materials has been paid, this is the time we will secure and order the necessary materials for each garment.

Week 3-4: If the design requires embroidery or dyeing process, this will take another ~2 weeks to be completed, subject to the amount of workload in by our production staff.

Week 5-6: Once the materials are done in the embroidery section, the cutting of the fabrics commence. Again, subject to the workload of the production staff, this process can either be done earlier or later in the timeline.

Week 7-8: By this time, the garments must be sewn into its desired style and design.

Week 9-10: This is nearing the completion stage and quality checks takes place before shipping to Australia.

Week 11-12: Once the batch orders are complete, the garments are all packed and ready for international shipping.

Week 13-14: If there are no delays, the batch orders may arrive Australia in an earlier date. However, there are delays in the logistics and customs process that is beyond our control. Hence, we allow 1-2 weeks allowance for some unexpected delays.

Soon as the garments arrive in our shop, we will contact you right away (within 1-2 days) to arrange pick up or postage of the items you ordered.

Please note that we do not offer alterations in the shop as we do not have an in-house seamstress.

However, we can arrange a minor alteration for you by our trusted seamstress for a fee of $100.

Minor alterations include: adjustment of size or shortening the length of the dress.

We cannot offer major alterations once the dress/barong has been completed.

Changes to weight

Custom fit garments are made according to your figure, size and weight by the time you made an appointment with BBA. Once we agreed on the measurements we took, It is understood that the size is also finalised and any changes in your weight/size by the time the garment is ready will not be considered as a fault against BBA. We will not be responsible to any fee related to the alteration of the garment nor offer a garment replacement due to size changes - either weight loss or gain.

If this happens, we can refer you to our trusted alteration service provider to make necessary adjustment to your garment. No refunds will be offered if the client decides to return the garment.

Deposit is non-refundable

The deposit becomes a cancellation fee as fabrics have been purchased, patterns have been

developed and hours of designing have been made on your behalf.

Change of mind

This is why we go through an extensive consultation process, to prevent any hesitation or second guessing. After we finalised the garment design to help you visualise it and to ensure you are happy and have the confidence with your decision - it is then that we will require the deposit to be paid. Deposits will then become non-refundable.