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Measuring Guide

What you need

  • Flexible tape measure
  • Paper and pen
  • An assistant

It is OK to measure over the top of clothes, e.g. shirt and trousers, providing they are not thick and heavy.

Stand straight and upright with your eyes looking directly ahead.

For all horizontal measurements, ensure the tape measure is parallel with the ground.

STEP 1: Get your assistant to pass the tape measure around you at chest level. Place both of your arms down by your sides. The tape measure should be around the widest part of your chest, over your shoulder blades, and parallel to the ground.

STEP 2: This measurement is the circumference taken around the middle point between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips. Breathe out naturally.

STEP 3: This measurement is the circumference taken around the top of the hip bones.

STEP 4: Place your hand on your hip so your arm is slightly bent. Get your assistant to measure from the shoulder bone, over the elbow to the wrist bone above the little finger.

STEP 5: Get your assistant to measure from the prominent bone at the back/base of your neck, straight down your spine to your hip bones.

STEP 6: This measurement is the circumference of the fullest part of the buttocks.

Record these measurements and compare with the sizing charts to see what size you should be ordering.


From your exact measurements, please add 2-3 inches allowance around the bust-waist for blouse/top or barong tagalog. For skirt, add only half inch to 1 inch allowance.